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At Union County Hospital, we understand how debilitating a foot or ankle problem can be. Whether the condition is chronic or acute, if your mobility is compromised because of pain, you should find out what kind of relief is available through a Podiatrist. Generally, conservative approaches to improve flexibility and provide pain relief are all a patient needs. If, however, conservative treatment is not effective, advanced surgical repair is available through Union County Hospital.

Patients with diabetes are particularly at risk for foot conditions and should take extra care. Consulting with a physician regularly is encouraged for anyone with diabetes.

We specialize in treating problems of the feet and ankles, including hereditary issues, injuries, and problems that can result from chronic conditions, such as diabetes. We begin with a conservative treatment approach to improve flexibility and provide pain relief. If conservative treatment is not effective, we can provide advanced surgical repair.

If you suffer from any of the following, or if you have any foot or ankle pain, contact us:

  • Heel spurs and arch pain
  • Bunions
  • Hammertoe and other toe problems
  • Flat feet
  • Sports injuries/shin splints
  • Fractures and sprains of the foot/ankle
  • Arthritis of the foot/ankle
  • Wound care
  • Cuts and infections
  • Diabetic complaints
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Ingrown nails, corns and calluses
  • Children’s problems such as toeing in or out
  • Warts/other skin conditions of the foot
  • Neuromas/ganglions
  • “Burning feet” sensations


At , we know how much bunions can hurt. Even putting on shoes can become difficult, let alone walking comfortably or doing the things you love.  We specialize in bunion surgery (bunionectomy), an outpatient procedure to relieve pain and help...

Hammertoe Correction

Hammertoe Correction

When you’re dealing with hammertoe, every step can hurt. The condition, in which the toe becomes abnormally bent, can also affect your balance and lead to other foot problems without proper care. At , we can help you find relief. Podiatrists...

Wound Debridement

Wound Debridement

If you’re living with diabetes, you may be prone to foot problems—including frequent wounds. Getting immediate care for this issue is crucial to preventing or stopping infection and other serious complications, including limb loss. At , we...